Enjoy your boat in a comfortable way

Enjoy your own boat in a comfortable way

Many watersports lovers are finding less and less time to spend on board their boats. We know from experience that the average boat owner cruises for less than four weeks a year, yet the costs and maintenance of their yachts continue to increase. If this applies to you too, you may be interested in learning about the solution offered by Waterfront Jachtcharter.

As a professional charter business we rent out sailing yachts and motor cruisers. We are always looking for new yachts to add to and complement our charter fleet. We prefer new boats or boats which are no more than 5 years old. We would like to introduce you to our charter management Plan (Buy & Charter)

Buy & Charter

We will rent out your boat  to our clients during the sailing season, from April to the end of October. During the season, you have access to your boat for a maximum of 30 days, to be determined by you. You pay the mooring fees, the major maintenance and the insurance. We arrange for the day-to-day maintenance and any small repairs.

This arrangement means your yacht does not just cost you money. It can even make you money! The profits can easily pay for your mooring fees, annual maintenance and insurance. You can also use them to invest in your yacht or spend the returns on something else. If you are buying a new boat that is to be added to our fleet, you may even qualify for considerable tax advantages!

We have a cooperative relationship with a company which specialises in financing boats. Please call/e-mail us for more information. 


Please do not hesitate to call 00 31 111 672890 or email us at info@jachtcharter.com and we will be happy to explain all your options.

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