Cruising Routes

Cruising on the dutch waterways

It goes without saying that you are free to map out your own route. However, if you are new to the area, you can choose from the routes we have put together for you. Please note that the sailing times provided below are average times, and include waiting times at locks and bridges. They depend, among other things, on the speed with which the locks or bridges are operated, the wind force and direction, and any current. Of course, you may change these routes as you see fit, or sail them in the opposite direction. Also, when planning your holiday on a sailing yacht, please allow for at least one windless day.

Please always check on  if their are any obstructions on your cruising route.

Most of our ships have map plotters on board. In preparation for your trip, we recommend the navigation app from the ANWB. This is very useful and contains info about operating times of locks and bridges, all ANWB waterways maps and marinas. You can configure the app (Apple and Android) by a free download and can additionally have a 2 day free trial. The subscriptions are per week € 4.49, per month € 9,99 or per year € 38.99.

Download hereANWB waterkaarten App


Waterways of the Netherlands


Heart of Holland


Charterbase Kortgene


  1. Veerse Meer route

  2. Oosterschelde route

  3. Zierikzee route

  4. Grevelingenmeer route

  5. Willemstad route

  6. Biesbosch route (only motorcruisers)

  7. Rotterdam route (only motor cruisers)

  8. Amsterdam route (only motor cruisers)

  9. Antwerpen route (only motor cruisers)

  10. Biesbosch-Heusden route (only motor cruisers)



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