Sailing yachts and luxury motor cruisers for rent in Zeeland.

The luxury yacht rental expert in the South of the Netherlands

In more than 15 years we have, with great pleasure, sent more than 10,000 families or friends safely onto the water. They enjoyed it, we know that for sure.

Are you also looking for a well-equipped, beautiful and clean sailing yacht or motor yacht to hire for a wonderful sailing holiday? Waterfront Jachtcharter in Kortgene Zeeland is the place to be!


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Why should I rent from Waterfront Jachtcharter?

Your time is scarce, and you want to make the most of your holiday. That’s why we only rent luxury yachts that are cleaned inside and out, and perfectly equipped to provide you with the best possible experience aboard.

All of our motor cruisers come equipped with clean beds and bedding, towels, Nespresso and standard coffeemakers, Rituals toiletries, comfortable boat cushions, kitchen linens, mattress covers, and pillows.

Why should I hire a yacht in Zeeland?

The Delta area (Zealand, South-Holland, North-Brabant, and Antwerp) is the water sports paradise of the Netherlands. Salt & fresh water, various romantic islands in the Grevelingen lake and  Veerse lake where mooring is often free of charge, crystal clear water, porpoises and seals, great restaurants where you can eat the most delicious fish and shellfish, and much more. No other province gets as much sunshine as Zeeland does, making it the perfect location for a sailing getaway. Inexperienced and experienced boaters alike will tremendously enjoy their time in the Delta region.


Boating with your luxury yacht through the Netherlands?

That, too, can be excellent from Kortgene. We have outlined several cruises for you and can provide ready-made itineraries. 
Would you like to tour comfortably on a luxury motor yacht on canals, rivers and Lakes? Would you like to visit cultural cities such as Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, the Hague, or Rotterdam? Would you like to sail on the most romantic and ancient river of Netherlands: the Vecht, with its many beautiful mansions and charming towns?  Discover how beautiful the green heart of the Netherlands actually is, and relax aboard the luxury motor yachts of Waterfront Jachtcharter. Within two days you can sail from Kortgene to Amsterdam.

No license?

None of our ships require a license to operate. In the Netherlands, you will not need a license if your ship is shorter than 15 meters or can’t go faster than 20 km per hour. Naturally, it’s beneficial to have some experience. If you don’t have any experience, we’ll gladly provide you with a skipper or a three-hour course in which we explain the ins-and-outs of operating our yachts. The first hour is free of charge.

All our luxury sailing yachts and luxury motor cruisers are available for hire from Delta Marina in Kortgene.  


Divergent rental period

Please call us or send us an email if you prefer a divergent sailing period. We like to help you!


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